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Glitter Body Art

Add some bling to your thing or anywhere else you need to sparkle!


Henna Brows
            *Service Suspended*


Henna Brows are ideal for clients that have sparse or patchy eyebrows and like a bit of color to have. Brows appear fuller longer. The henna lasts 7 - 10 days on the skin and 4 - 6 weeks on the hair. This can vary depending on if your skin is resistant to staining. The darker the stain used the longer it will last. 

Not recommended if you have skin that is sensitive to hair dye or have colored your brows with a box hair dye.

Henna Tattoos
              *Service Suspended*

Our high-quality henna paste is safe for your skin and will leave a lovely dark brown stain. (Black coming soon) Please note the colour will take 48-hours to darken fully. We use absolutely no chemical dyes, preservatives or additives. You can expect your design to last 1 to 3 weeks, depending on your skin type and aftercare. 

Express yourself with a semi - permanent Henna Tattoo!  A fun way to spice up your life!  Can be applied anywhere on the body.  Must be left to dry for approximately 15 - 20 minutes.


Maximum 5 minutes



Maximum 20 minutes



Maximum 30 minutes


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